Diamond Bracelet Casper WY

This is BrianGavinDiamonds Local Pages. Here we have Diamond Bracelets in Casper, WY available to you. Also to purchase in Casper are Bands, Diamonds, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings and other Jewelry.

Hidden Heart Bracelet 18K White Gold 
Introducing our unique Hidden Heart design in a beautiful diamnd bracelet! This one-of-a-kind diamond bracelet comes in 18k white gold and features 2.16 ctw G/VS  diamond melee. Matching Earrings Available - #5626 
Four Square 18K White Gold 
Time to play a little 4 square with Brian Gavin Diamonds. Introducing our "Four Square" 18k white gold diamond bracelet featuring golden squares and rings and .80 ctw G/VS diamond melee. 
Linked Diamonds 18K White Gold 
Introducing our "Linked Diamonds" chain-style bracelet. This exquisite diamond bracelet comes in 18k White Gold and features 0.50 ctw G/VS diamond melee. Perfect for any occasion! 
Oval Links 18K White Gold 
Buy a designer "Oval Links" diamond bracelet today from Brian Gavin's "Select" jewelry! Our oval links bracelet comes in 18k white gold and features 1.6 ctw G/VS diamond melee. 
Interlocking Ties 18K White Gold 
Stop traffic with our Interlocking Ties diamond bracelet! This beautiful diamond bracelet design comes in 18K white gold and features 1.92 ctw G/VS diamond melee. 
Three Prong Tennis Bracelet 14K White Gold 
Three-prong diamond tennis bracelet set with Brian Gavin Signature melee F/G VS. Price is for 2 ctw. Inquire about pricing for 3 ctw, 4 ctw, 5 ctw and 6 ctw. 
Alternating Circles 18K White Gold 
Buy the "Alternating Circles" 18K white gold diamond bracelet this season! Our "Alternating Circles" diamond bracelet features 0.35 ctw g/vs diamond melee.  
Lines Of Spiral 18K White Gold 
Fashion and Design at its best! Our Lines of Spiral diamond bracelet in 18K white gold features an extraordinary design and 4.66 ctw G/VS diamond melee. 

Local Companies

Simple Elegance Wedding Boutique
(307) 266-0166
535 S Center St
Casper, WY
Bridal Boutique
(307) 637-6623
611 W Lincolnway
Cheyenne, WY
Lunar Studios Photography
(307) 220-3028
1629 Fremont Ave
Cheyenne, WY
Simple Elegance Wedding Boutique
(307) 266-0166
535 S Center St
Casper, WY
190A, Maniktala Main Road
kolkata, WY
Bridal Shops & Tuxedo Rental

Rev. Catherine Black-Ward
(307) 460-3136
553 N Cedar
Laramie, WY
Just Right! For Every Event
(307) 421-2053
5608 Imperial Ct.
Cheyenne, WY
KissKiss Events
(307) 514-3586
5926 Blue Bluff
Cheyenne, WY
Forever & Always Wedding Planning
(307) 660-8790
6807 Andre Ct.
Gillette, WY
Pre.Veil Events
(307) 272-9677
1737 Bleistein Ave
Cody, WY
Event Planning

Everlasting Memories
(307) 256-0927
536 Gardenia
Cheyenne, WY
One Fine Day
(307) 277-6339
2945 Mockingbird trail
Casper, WY
(307) 875-5555
520 Wilkes Dr
Green River, WY
One Fine Day
(307) 277-6339
2945 Mockingbird trail
Casper, WY
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