Diamond Chandelier Earrings Saint Joseph MO

This is BrianGavinDiamonds Local Pages. Here we have Diamond Chandelier Earrings in Saint Joseph, MO available to you. Also to purchase in Saint Joseph are Bands, Diamonds, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings and other Jewelry.

Extended Chandeliers 14K White Gold 
14k white gold Extended Chandelier style diamond earrings featuring 78 (0.5 ctw) G/VS round brilliant diamond melee.
Can be worn as Huggies alone, or as Chandelier Earrings.
Simple Chandeliers 18K White Gold 
Elegance at its best! Introducing  Brian Gavin's Simple Chandeliers diamond earrings. This exquisite diamond earring design comes in 18K white gold and features G/VS 1.36 ctw diamond melee. 
Couture Chandeliers 18K White Gold 
Fashion at its best! Buy Brian Gavin's "Couture Chandeliers" diamond earrings today! These special diamond earrings come in 18K white gold and feature 0.9 ctw G/VS  diamond melee. 
Icy Chandelier 18K White Gold 
Time to get fancy with Brian Gavin's Icy Chandelier diamond earrings. This exquisite diamond earring designs comes in 18K white gold and features 1 ctw G/VS diamond melee. 

Local Companies

Belgian Creek Llc
(816) 294-2780
18255 County Rd 349
Saint Joseph, MO
Darla'S Flowers & Gifts
(816) 364-2299
3403 S 22nd St
Saint Joseph, MO
Shirley'S Cake Decorating Supplies
(816) 233-4759
5908 N Belt Hwy
Saint Joseph, MO
Andi Kat Enterprises
(816) 279-4747
5601 S 2nd St
Saint Joseph, MO
Creative Cakes By Design
(816) 233-0708
1615 S 28th St
Saint Joseph, MO
Shonelle'S Cake Affair
(816) 238-2941
8411 Se 28th Rd
Saint Joseph, MO
Belt Rent-All
(816) 233-8253
410 S Belt Hwy
Saint Joseph, MO
Adams Fine Jewelry
(816) 233-0955
2304 N Belt Hwy
Saint Joseph, MO
Angie'S Salon & Day Spa
(816) 238-2232
6209 King Hill Ave
Saint Joseph, MO
(816) 901-9202
505 Francis St
Saint Joseph, MO
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